The AEC Group is becoming Australia’s leading Metropolitan Transport & Logistics provider, with blue chip clients operating throughout Australia & Asia.

Our Management Team is committed to achieving best practice, and providing Customers with a high standard of service.

Safety, Relationships & Great Logistics” is our philosophy. We are guided by the following 7 AEC Group Values:

  • Leadership– We encourage all of our people to make decisions and apply their knowledge & expertise to all tasks.
    We will do this by:-
    • Being accountable for our actions
    • Being independent, open minded & enthusiastic
    • Contantly developing and challenging our people
    • Communicating consistently and regularly
    • Being open to customers and employees to see how and why we do things.
    • Building strong teams
  • Safety & Environment– 100% commitment to the safety of our people, our customers, the public, and the environment
  • Integrity – Doing what we promise in a resilient, honest, and respectful manner
  • Initiative & Innovation – Being creative, encouraging ideas & focusing on adding value to our customers.
  • Passion – Caring more than our competitors, being accountable for our performance & having fun while doing our job.
  • Recognition – Recognising and rewarding performance which exceeds expectations
  • Courage – Having the courage to challenge change, & strive for more than we thought possible yesterday


We achieve Customer satisfaction and work to continuously improve our business by:

  • Regular communication, review and follow up of Customer Service data.
  • Adherence to statutory obligations, standards, specifications and codes of practice.
  • Active Management and monitoring of business resources.
  • Recruiting and retaining suitably qualified, skilled and experienced personnel.
  • Training and development of competencies within staff.
  • Communicating key performance indicators.
  • Setting and regularly reviewing our performance against targets.